National Night Out Against Crime. Brainless Posturing.

A man gets killed in New Jersey during National Night Out Against Crime. In Miami, Mayor Regalado begs money from the federal government (read our damned pockets) while invoking the evil ghost of AK 47s (I never saw that coming) but not having the balls of hosting the event in the neighborhood of Liberty City where crime is just off the charts and killings are the majority. In Chicago Reich Fuhrer Daley angrily promises more police while asking for more of your money for more cops while trying to bypass the McDonald SCOTUS decision and making things impossible for citizens to defend themselves.

I know that many of the folks that attend events like this, do it out of a true concern for the violence they live in. But it chaffs me silly that they do not see they are just being used for political posturing in major cities where crime is a scourge.  The politicians will quickly blame the usual suspects (guns, republicans, global warming, Sarah Palin, George Bush, etc) but none have the balls to talk straight. They will not bring out that a total failure to really integrate the Black Community has been a part of the issue. Or the drug problem that insanely affects those neighborhoods or the Gangsta Culture that makes standing up for what is right a sin punishable with death alongside helping police and taking a stand for what is right. Nobody has the courage to stand and tell the long standing community leaders and religious hacks that became the “voice” of the community and blame them for selling them (payable with blood) the bullshit that being a victim is cool and honorable and expected from a Minority. Hell, much better that way so we can get some federal money to spend in more useless do-nothing vigils and programs that perpetuate modern slavery and political indenture. The same political predators that want you poorer and more miserable I can make you, the easier for me to get your vote if I promise you the Moon and a Welfare Check. And don’t worry, it ain’t your fault, it is somebody else’s so you can sleep better at night.

Making you independent and self-sufficient is not a good thing. A politician may lose a job and we cannot afford any more unemployment. Then again you never see a politician collecting Government Cheese to feed his family.