New Trajectory Blog: Japete, segunda parte (Part Two for the Spanish Impaired)

As suspected, the New Trajectory blog is a new version of Japete. Although alleging to be open to ideas and solutions, the first thing he admits is to censor & delete posts plus not being very happy to having his funding traced to the Joyce Foundation. In fact Weer and Linoge got branded as “attackers” for that reason.

My post never made it. Since I laid it heavy on the racist undertones of gun control, I will assume that I fell under the “I only deleted a few comments, due to racist statements.” I did not make the mistake I had with Japete and posted my comment over Snowflakes and on this blog.

The idea of me wearing a bedsheet and burning crosses is hilarious to those who know me, mostly because the would start joking about having to buy a California King Size bedsheet to cover my frame and me giving a race-hating speech with my accent is just too Dali-type Surreal to be even imagined.

Make no mistake, Baldr never cared for a real and honest discourse. His Twitter account shows he was still posting the old traditional lies we have been hearing after making his “peaceful” offer to us the crazed gunnies. Again it is par for the course from people that feel lying to achieve their objectives is not morally wrong at all because they are serving a noble purpose.

Apparently agreement in our times shall not be achieved. At least not at the cost of our rights.

2 Replies to “New Trajectory Blog: Japete, segunda parte (Part Two for the Spanish Impaired)”

  1. I had to call him on what I considered deliberate distortion of my comments — and it took two attempts to get him to change his distortion.

    Then he approves a direct personal attack from Joan — how is that civil discourse?

    Same ole same ole but I don’t mind. I want people who search for the standard gun control phrases to find our counter arguments on those gun control blogs.


  2. japete is Joan Peterson.
    An anti gun activist from I believe from Minnesota…..damn we come up with some real nutz up here.(Franken, Wellstone, Ventura, Klobuchar, Dayton)

    BobS over at 3 Boxes of Bs has had a bit of back and forth with her.

    But she wants no “reasonable discourse” only hers it seems…



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