Tomorrow no blogging in support of the First Amendment.

If you haven’t heard about the saga of Aaron Walker and other conservative bloggers, start by reading here and here.

After you recover from that shock, find out about the silencing technique called SWATing that has been used against several conservative bloggers.

So tomorrow we are holding a National Day of Blogger Silence. I won’t write about anything at all and only a music notation will appear as support for fellow bloggers attacked by unknown left wing parties.

See you guys on Saturday.

4 Replies to “Tomorrow no blogging in support of the First Amendment.”

  1. As I have already said elsewhere and will probably repeat again, frak that noise, or lack thereof. A “silenced” conservative / libertarian / anti-authoritarian weblogger is exactly what that scumbag Kimberlin and all of his disgusting supporters want, and I will be damned if I give them that without a fight.



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