More Documents released in the Martin/Zimmerman Case. (Updated)

A quick glance over the documents so far.

Two hundred and eighty-four pages that pretty much kill the notion of Zimmerman being a member of the KKK. There are interviews performed by the FDLE and the FBI and almost all the people interviewed said the same thing: Zimmerman was not racist.

New info at least to me: The neighborhood was being targeted by at least two local gangs one of them had a code of dressing similar to what Martin was wearing. Documents include burglary reports previous to the incident.

There is ballistic forensics and some other stuff. Again, it does not look good for the prosecution, specially Angela Corey.

UPDATE: The Twittersphere under #zimmerman is in shock. I am guessing they are scrambling to come up with a new narrative about George Zimmerman. Even our good friends at CSGV (who promised us a full day of Tweet-by-Tweet analysis of the new evidence is strangely silent with one tweet about Obamacare.  The most active is one who is desperately peddling Trayvon Martin merchandise.

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  1. If they follow their SOP they will either ignore anything and everything directed at them regarding the topic or revert to character attacks against anyone mocking them.


  2. They did turn a “brown” person “white”. Maybe they can turn my bald crown hairy again!! 🙂



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