I might be off line tomorrow….a tad windy.

With Tropical Storm Isaac coming, my access to the interwebs might be affected for lack of electrical power. I doubt it since all models and gut feeling indicates that the center of the storm/hurricane will miss us and our grid is subterranean, but something may happen just the same.

If the track changes and Isaac decides to hit mainland, I’ll be observing & pondering if hurricane panels are necessary. I will need at least a prediction of 85 mph or more to get me going. So far the predictions only top gusts of 65 mph or as we call it down here: “Windy.”

The Gun Motivator is already scheduled for its usual date and time. If I see something interesting to post, I’ll go ahead and post it too.

And, of course, an appropriate reminder for my Floridian brethren.

5 Replies to “I might be off line tomorrow….a tad windy.”

  1. Here, outside of Orlando, I don’t think we’ll have a problem with looters, YET. Just wait till the Zimmerman trial verdict !



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