And He Also Wore The Wookie Suit.

Last week I watched a six part show called Moon Machines. As a child of the Apollo Program, the show brought many cherished memories. We ate, breathed, drank and enjoyed anything related to the race for the moon.

I also found myself getting mad because apparently we no longer have that drive to do the “impossible” anymore. Watching the episode The Lunar Rover, I was reminded of a little tidbit of information that really ticked me off and produced the pic below.


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          1. About 2:00

            Sam Romano
            Lunar Rover Program Manager 69-73
            General Motors Defense Research Laboratory

            Ferenc Pavlics
            Lunar Rover Chief Engineer
            General Motors Defense Research Laboratory

            Mr. Pavlics still has the original remote control model used to demonstrate the viability of the concept presented to NASA…and the thing still works.



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