Book Review: No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden.

If you are an information freak like me, you will find the book a bit disappointing. The amount of information in the book is restricted to what the author experienced and if you are looking for the “big picture” or the intelligence efforts tracking Bin Laden, you are not gonna find it here.

Still it is a decent read in its narrow scope. There is always new information about SEALs that one not in the fan club will learn (I did not know about the 4 tube NVGs for example) and his account of his part of the the mission itself shows how things never go as planned but how proper training can overcome almost any situation.

The book does contradict the official version of the death of OBL and I for one will take sides with the author that Bin Laden stupidly played peek-a-boo and lost. You don’t act like Punxsutawney Phil when SEALs are raiding your house or you are bound to get a terminal headache. So why the White House hinted that OBL was armed? I am guessing they had the George Lucas PC Syndrome and could not have Han Solo shoot first even if it is a bad guy who will have no problem shredding you with a dull razor. The author also tells that top officials were vying for the capture more than the elimination and made that very clear to the participants of the raid demonstrating that political stupidity will seep and contaminate anything you may want to do unless you are ready to caulk it.

Is it then a bad book? Not at all. If you are expecting a Mark Bowden book, you will be disappointed otherwise is a well written one-man account of the operation within a very narrow scope. Maybe one day Mr. Bowden will give us a full scope book about what it took to bring Geronimo down.

No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden is available in cellulose format at bookstores everywhere and in Kindle version for those like my wife who are Kindle freak fans.

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    1. Thorny subject that one. He states in the book that most of the profits will go to the families of Navy SEALs killed in action so he is not necessarily doing it for profit. Then again OpSec is something these people take VERY seriously and apparently he is being ostracized already by his colleagues. And we bounce back to the fact that the White House has been leaking more info on the raid plus giving Hollywood access for a movie so all concept of secrecy has gone out the door in the name of political gain.
      My opinion, any damage he might have done is at breaking the culture of silence for safety reason and not anything specific. A very bad comparison would be the Mafia with the old “omerta” that started to crack under Valachi and then became a flood of mafiosi snitching whenever the FBI pinched one and there were not corresponding reprisals. Once the veil of secrecy is lifted, they become easy targets. I am trying to say is they may want o avoid the “Well, if he did it, how come I can’t and I have juicer tales to tell!.” syndrome.


      1. Thank you for responding. What I hear you saying is your conflicted as well. Your argument is the same as mine…you just said it better…as you should…you’re the writer. LOL

        Once again, thank you for your blog and sharing your knowledge on various subjects.



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