Stand Your Ground study: Boy, are they pissed!

A study by the University of Florida on Stand Your Ground law and its possible negative impact in the state has determined that….. well… apparently they cannot find anything bad about the law.

Same as with the famous CDC Gun Control study that could not “measure” any actual benefit by banning guns, this study on SYG goes the same route. Both say that they need further study which is Junks Science-Speak for: If we keep looking and massaging data, I am sure we will get the results that are politically correct and not the real stuff.

And of course, you know some people are not happy:

Gun control advocates immediately criticized the report as “disappointing,” saying it did not go far enough to determine the true impact of the stand your ground law.

“If the state wanted to work with a real data analysis, then fund it. It became pretty clear that they are going to fail to do that,” said Ginny Simmons, director of the Second Chance on Shoot First campaign. The UF study was done at no charge to the state, a spokesperson for (Gov.) Scott said.

“Throw more money at it till we get what we want!” appears to be the meme and that is why congress cut off funding for any more CDC-sponsored gun control research and why we Floridians should not be wasting more money on the obvious.


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  1. Congress didn’t actually ban gun control research; it banned the CDC from lobbying for gun control. It can do all the research it wants.



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