And he advises students?

Bonetti, who has been a vocal proponent of the First Amendment, said that his sign is meant to express his concerns, because, after all, he wouldn’t know whether somebody was bringing a concealed weapon into his office.

via CU-Boulder adviser posts sign on door asking students to leave their guns outside – Boulder Daily Camera.

Funny, I never figured that one gets to choose which Amendments of the Bill of Rights one gets to support. I thought it was always a good idea to support them all but what do I know? I am not a College Adviser.

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  1. I th

    I thought that sick professional people weren’t allowed to be professionals –
    isn’t hoplophobia a defined mental illness?


  2. Been shopping for a house lately. My agent let drop in casual conversation that he has a permit and does carry a concealed weapon. I am significantly less concerned about what we’ll find in houses because of that.



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