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The firearm I carry every day has been designed to make it easy to fight with. I carry it because I intend to use it to defend myself if I am ever attacked. That makes it a weapon in both common English and legal usage, according to both types of dictionaries. There’s nothing wrong with this, because there’s nothing wrong with an ordinary citizen being reasonably equipped and able to defend herself.

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Just on that alone, Kathy Jackson nails it. But read the whole thing and you will realize the stupidity on some popular concepts sold as “good” to the masses.

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  1. I`m in Texas, I believe you are in Fla. and Kathy in Washington State. My heart goes out to the people in New York City that do not have the “Lawful” ability….”because there`s nothing wrong with an ordinary citizen being reasonably equipped….” Define “weapon”? Define “reasonably equipped” in New York City. “Citizen” or “Slave”? 🙁



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