Empty Holster “dangers.”

If you have to go into a Gun Free Zone and leave your sidearm securely locked in your vehicle but keep the holster with you, remember that it still may call attention on you when you least expect it; like when you hook the arm of the chair you are sitting inside a police station and dragging the darn thing with you before dropping it LOUDLY before you can do anything about it.

Of course, 30 seconds before that happened, there was nobody but a lonely PSA (very polite and helpful, BTW) at the lobby. By the time I accidentally levitated the piece of furniture, the only ones missing in the area were a K-9 and his handler.

And apparently I still blush like I was 12.


3 Replies to “Empty Holster “dangers.””

  1. When/where my otherwise permitted concealed carry is disallowed, I usually wear an empty holster openly; it draws attention and starts conversations… gives me an opportunity to point out that “my government doesn’t trust me.”



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