The fundamental difference between us and them.

Leave to the Cult to Stop Gun Rights Violence to illustrate what is the difference between the Gun Culture and the Serf Culture:

Some people think we are a tad harsh when we call our opponents a bunch of Rainbow Unicorn Fart sniffers. The term might be a little creative, but it is spot on and illustrates that their “thinking” is based on utopia notions of universal peace, love and the endless supply of safety blankets.

Evil men have always existed and always will. The same applies to dangerously psychotic  people who intend to do harm. That they are either evil or crazy does not mean they are stupid or cannot pass for normal people until they are ready to do harm. But CSGV thinks that there are ways to prevent their actions 100% of the time and keep everybody safe from harm if we are only wise enough to give up a little bit of our freedoms. Of course “a little bit” is never enough and they come back for seconds, third, twenty-fourths, etc and the problem is still there or even worse.

We understand and accept that no matter how hard we try, there will always be that person that slips between the cracks or is set free to do harm again by an ineffective legal system or is kept shielded by an interest group or company because they invested too much effort or money to have it go to waste. And as much as we want and push those systems to improve and weed out the worst in our society, 100% is just an unreachable fantasy that usually comes crashing down on the heads of innocents.

Do I want government to keep dangerous people away from the regular folks? Absolutely! Do I trust them to do the job right? Hell no! Have you checked the efficiency of your government lately? And you are gonna trust them with your safety when even the Supreme Court has settled the matter that they have no duty to protect you?

CSGV and its cohorts live in a mental world not too different from the crazies they claim to protect us from. If we give up the tools that will give us a chance to really protect ourselves, somehow according to their deluded minds, the crazies will all suddenly disappear and singing gnomes will lull us to sleep in a pink cloud of happiness while free Starbucks will flow from the skies above.

Call me crazy, but I choose to live in the real world.

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  1. I am amazed whenever I read what the anti’s post. I’ve seen a lot in my life and the stupidity of some people still amazes me. Especially in large numbers.
    I must me an optimist because I keep hoping they will stop being sheeple and think for themselves. Critical thinking is all but gone from our culture. Most don’t know what it is.
    We are in deep doo-doo.
    Keep up the good work Miguel.


  2. Can we just and I’m paraphrasing only slightly here “sink them up to their necks in shit and let em think happy happy thoughts forever”? or at least until they die of starvation?


  3. What I notice is their belief in their moral authority and superiority. They believe they are so enlightened; on the track to perfecting man and creating nirvana on Earth. Oh please!

    All of the leftist causes (including gun control) ignore human behavior (for the religious you can substitute the word sin) and offer solutions that sound great. They all fail upon cursory inspection or worse, upon their awful implementation. Hey, communism sounds good on paper, but it cost the world the lives of millions upon millions of innocents.

    Gun control is demonstrably evil. It is not a good thing. It only impacts the law-abiding. It does not touch the purported target of evil-doers. The reality is it leaves the good and decent citizens vulnerable to criminals and to despots. I’m not very charitable with the desires and results of gun control advocates and do not chalk it up to some unintended consequences. I detect evil intentions on their part.


  4. I think their problem is a little less nefarious on it’s surface. They have an inability to believe that anyone thinks differently from them. They are able to reason (kinda). When angered, they either vocalize that anger, or do things that are not harmful to others (punch a pillow, etc). Therefore, EVERYONE must be able to reason and behave as they. They adhere to the standards of polite society, so everyone must, right? Except, we know differently. There are people who do NOT think the way rational, polite people think. These people are either wired wrong or under the influence of some substance. They do not reason (Hey bitch! You dissed me! Ain’t nobody disses me!); they do not vent their anger or frustrations in non-destructive ways. They pick up a weapon and start shooting/stabbing/twisting. And the anti’s can’t fathom that, because they do not think that way.

    Ergo: anybody that wants a gun must be evil, because only evil people want guns with which to hurt others. Get rid of guns, and the evil will go away! Problem solved. You may thank me later.

    Then again, I could be completely full sh*t. It has been proven before.



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