You know Senator Feinstein’s new AWB is dead when…

…. so far no major Gun Control group has come out to endorse it. I just checked the Facebook feeds of Brady Campaign, VPC & CSGV and they are mum or recycling some old stuff. It has been six hours since I wrote the previous post and the crickets are loud.

I suspect they realized Di-Fi’s proposal just managed to piss off Gun Owners and pretty much destroyed the “But we don’t want to ban all guns!” meme.

However, let’s us not make the mistake of sit pretty and do nothing. If anything this is a great opportunity to cut the gun grabbers at the pass. MAKE A LOT OF NOISE! Contact your representative and senator and make them understand that you will not accept this new AWB or any other ban or restriction to our Second Amendment.

Find your representative and drop him/her a line here. Find your Senator and let him/her know your thoughts here. As always be courteous but firm.

7 Replies to “You know Senator Feinstein’s new AWB is dead when…”

  1. Don’t let the silence lull you! As mentioned, be load, be respectful, but be persistent! Let them all know, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, does not confer our Rights, but confirm our Rights.



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