The Left: Because I Laugh at Your Dead.

The news of the death of Chris Kyle shocked most everybody I know. Details are still sketchy, but apparently something went wrong as he was trying to help a fellow serviceman cope with issues. That was Chris, his mission had not ended because he was out of uniform, it just evolved into another field.

By now you may also have heard that some left-wing vultures donned their tap shoes and went full blood dancing on the memory of Chris Kyle. Here is my particular encounter with such an enlightened individual.


Yup, he laughs. He loves death (not his, mind you) even when he advocates peace, love and the pursuit of Entitlements.

It then struck me: The difference between We and Them is that when SHTF, we advance towards the sound of trouble (even at times when we shouldn’t) because it is our Moral Duty to do so. They have no Morals so they hide under desks and pray for somebody come save them and then they sue their saviors or laugh at their deaths.

Sick little people.




11 Replies to “The Left: Because I Laugh at Your Dead.”

  1. Unfortunately we frequently don’t get to pick and choose who we rescue – our moral high ground dictates that we do the right thing – even though those rescued sometimes come back to bite us in the end……………………..


  2. Call it a fool’s calling, but if we’re to die, it’s because the fools who laugh at our folly are able to do so.

    We march towards the sound of battle so that others may live. That’s the lesson every conservative and/or gun owner should know. We fight for the freedom of all Americans, not just the select few as the leftists often advocate.



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