Dear Mayors: See NICS Checks and then speak.

NICS CHECKSFor 2012: One gun sold every two seconds or so.

January 2013: Almost one gun sold per second.

Almost 20 million firearms in went to the hands of Citizens in 2012. All Military and Law Enforcement in the US tops around a bit over 3 million. And some idiotic 60 Mayors say they won’t do business with gun manufacturers that do not stop making semi automatic firearms.

When we have Mayors that cannot do basic math, it is not a wonder why many cities are in the brink of bankruptcy or carrying a heavy debt. At the most, all Government sales would span 2 months worth of private sales. And whatever those cities do not buy, I am damn sure it will be sold in the civilian market before the Mayors could say “Maybe we fucked up this one, Joe.”


2 Replies to “Dear Mayors: See NICS Checks and then speak.”

  1. I`m wondering if they will not do “the Buzz” with gun manufacturers (and bullets also?), will We have to donate a few of Our weapons to the “Dumb Butt 60” when the need arises? Naaaaa, 🙂


  2. So the 60-or-so mayors want to boycott gun manufacturers?

    Let’s get the manufacturers to do a counter-boycott, a la Larue Tactical.

    TL;DR version: They will no longer sell anything to law enforcement or government agencies that the civilians in the area can’t have. (LAPD and NYPD, take notice.)

    By the numbers, there are approximately 100-million-plus gun owners, and about 800,000 LEOs. It’s not terribly likely taking this stance will substantially harm their business, but it shows that they support the right of the people to keep and bear arms (also that they don’t want to tread in any legal “gray area” with their sales, but I’ll take it!).



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