I Laugh at Thee!

So several years ago and under a different administration, I got the bug of reloading my ammo. People laughed because I was collecting 9mm brass like it was an article of faith to be revered. Back then only people shooting the .45 ACP were collecting brass and only those who liked to reload or shoot it in heavy volume.

Then on another scare, I decided that fighting for bullets was hard enough so I got into casting. I bought and scavenged enough lead to open an old school printing shop using Linotype and practiced around till I got a decent bullet although I admit I still have an issue with getting the correct hardness for supersonic loads.

Eventually SWMBO stepped in and said I had enough stuff. I did some secret buy of primers just to replace what I had burned & used and if she found out, she did not say a thing. She does complain when I used to leave the lead furnace on the coffee table and the cat was playing with the sprue.

As of right now, I can take on the cast, crew and extras of all the seasons of The Walking Dead….three times over.

And I swear I have never seen gun ranges so clean in my life.

Yes, I am gloating. Deal with it.

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    1. She Who Must Be Obeyed.

      Her nickname is The Boss (for real.) One day she called me at work as I was leaving for the day. I forgot what she said or asked me to do but I responded “Yes Boss.” My work boss thought i was talking to him and looked over and I said the words that should never have been said as I pointed to my cell:

      “Not you. The Real Boss.”

      He was not amused.


  1. 35 cal gas checks will work on 9mm, long as the bullets have the shank for them to fit onto; the sizing process crimps them into place.

    Range I go to, where I could usually count on picking up some brass, forget it; some .223 still there, but anything else rifle that’s reloadable is cleaned up. Pistol side is almost as bad.



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