France a ‘savage’ nation.

Flying in the face of the traditional image of a country seen as the land of good living, ‘France, A Clockwork Orange’ claims that mainstream politicians and the media have long masked a far more disturbing reality: it is rapidly descending into mindless violence and incivility.

“Nobody should ignore the reality,” the book claims, namely that “every 24 hours 13,000 thefts, 2,000 attacks and 200 rapes” take place in France – figures far higher than official national statistics

via Clockwork Orange: France a ‘savage’ nation, book claims – Telegraph.

This is not only a French problem. Almost all European countries shy away from reporting true crime figures and then model their Law Enforcement solutions based on those numbers. The result is obvious: people don’t bother to report the crimes and the criminals continue their deeds unmolested.
I still have family in countryside of Spain and their complaint is that bands of Romanian armed robbers go from town to town pretty much behaving like old time brigands. To this date I have not figured out why a bunch of Romanians criminals traveled 2,000 miles to rob farmers in Spain. Then again I don’t get Europe either.

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    1. I’ve not done much reading on it, but I’ve often heard Japanese police have a lot of corruption problems too.Though that seems to be becoming the norm everywhere nowadays.


      1. It’s the cultural thing I would guess. Try to keep the press off the scandal, find turn arounds and back rooms to quietly make things disappear. Then suddenly you get a triple murder like that cop’s kid who butcher knife’d everyone, and the media and even their neighborhood is left to wonder

        “WTF just happened?”


  1. Wait… so basically, the only nation IN THE WORLD which reports crime statistics accurately happens to also be the one with the “highest” reported crime statistics.

    Which are, in fact, NOT the highest reported crime statistics, hence the quotes.

    Yeah, everybody else can officially shut up now.


  2. “A life of petty crime gets punished with a holiday
    The victims’ minds are scarred for life most everyday
    Assailants know just how much further they can go
    They know the laws are soft conviction chances low” – Iron Maiden, The Age Of Innocence

    It’s an european problem. Open Borders,soft punishments, zero to none regulations on immigration, etc.
    Just last week a turkish immigrant got 6 months on probation for beating and kicking another immigrant (and some 12 other crimes) – you know, what his apology was? “I thought, he was german!”

    And a teacher, who gave a tracer round, which he found, to the police had to pay a fine of 8.500€. Because of the illegal possesion of “Kriegsgerät” (military hardware).

    Nicht darüber nachdenken, es tut nur weh.

    Greetings from Germany.


  3. I’d venture that the Romanians go burgle-touring in Spain because the weather and food are nicer, and because the Romanian police still remember the training they got from Commie dictator Ceaucescu…how to inflict the most pain, and how to disappear people when it’s convenient to do so…they clearly feel the benefit to risk ratio of Spain is better than their homeland…



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