Logic: Simple yet some people do not get it.

In the Miami Herald ZOMG! files we find this article starting the following way:

Picture this: teachers packing heat as they teach children their ABC’s and 123’s.
The scenario has many parents and teachers envisioning a nightmare, and they have gone out of their way to tell state legislators so.

Oh darn, wait… I forgot the title:

Gun-toting teachers? House education panel says ‘yes’

So pundit/writer/BSer/Journalist?(nahhh!) Kathleen McGrory colors her piece from the start. The rest of the article, specially the “interviews” are a headache to follow. So what’s the legislation about?

The House K-12 Education Subcommittee voted 10-3 in support of a controversial bill that would give principals the power to choose certain teachers and school employees who would carry concealed weapons on campus. The schools would have a choice of either arming a school employee or hiring a separate safety officer, who would also carry a firearm.

Any problem there? The schools get to choose if they want somebody armed and who that might be or have nobody armed if they feel lucky. But by the reactions, you’d think you are forcing them to strip naked and roll over a field of broken glass under a turpentine storm. And some of the quotes are downright stupid:

Florida School Boards Association Executive Director Wayne Blanton said the law would place a “huge” liability on school systems.
“Our teachers and principals are role models,” Blanton added. “You are going to send the wrong message to these students.”

Huh? Teachers ready to defend their students are a bad example? I guess it sends a much better message that being a victim is cool. No frigging wonder Bullying is so common in schools.

Colleen Wood, a parent activist in St. Johns County, called the proposal “an embarrassing excuse for a safety policy.”
“Handling a shooter in a school is serious business,” she said. “It requires serious training, not just a gun and a concealed weapons permit.

Well dear, a gun and a concealed weapons permit beats harsh language and a time out when facing a nutjob trying to kill kids. It may sound revolutionary, but nobody, even crazy people likes to face somebody else shooting at them.

Next we have the hoplophobe:

A trio of Democratic committee members opposed the proposal, including Rep. Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed, of Deerfield Beach.
“Personally I am against guns,” Clarke-Reed said. “I don’t like them. I don’t even like to see them.”

So close your frigging eyes. Seriously? You make life or death decisions like they were  Facebook posts? Press Here if You Like?  Can I get a facepalm from the audience please? Is it me or you could almost hear this person sounding like a two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum?

But all was not lost. At least one Democrat used her brain:

(The proposal) passed with the support of the committee’s eight Republicans, and Democratic Reps. Karen Castor Dentel and Carl F. Zimmermann.Castor Dentel, a teacher, said she intended to vote against the bill, but changed her mind during the debate.

I imagine that being a teacher, she felt that just standing in front of a shooter with nothing more than a ruler and a shush might not be the best way to go home alive.

For a proposal that is all about choice, it is amazing that most of the pro-choice party hates it. Then again it is only a valid choice if they impose it.

And you wonder why kids are sucking at school.

4 Replies to “Logic: Simple yet some people do not get it.”

  1. This can be fixed. Just have anyone who wants to be a teacher take a psych test to weed out the spineless gutless liberal crybabies who don’t have a clue what reality is.
    I know it’s not possible but I can dream can’t I?
    I keep telling people that liberalism is a mental disorder and I keep seeing more evidence every day!


  2. WTF, armed teachers and administrators in schools is completely different from 2A rights. Make a psych and polygraph test a requirement. Also require additional training. There are real people out there that can handle and are willing to do the extra certification work. Some of us are even able to refrain from smoking weed because at least at one time you couldn’t get the higher level security clearance if you did.


    1. WTF, armed teachers and administrators in schools is completely different from 2A rights.
      Not quite, they do not lose 2A rights just because they had a job.

      Make a psych and polygraph test a requirement.
      That should be requirements for anybody being entrusted with the education of kids but it is not. Suddenly a gun makes a difference?

      Also require additional training.

      I have seen this “additional training” thrown rather easily out there but few definitions of what would entail. Thankfully, the latest Active Shooter doctrine being developed for LEOs is rather simple: “hear shots, go to the source, stop the shooter.” The “additional training” will probably entail nothing more than shooting on the move and shooting from Cover and/or Concealment with Basic Pistol teaching the basics of safety and marksmanship.
      No ninja/rapelling from helicopters/Special Forces training is required. And as a bonus, many firearms instructors are willing (and doing) instruction for free available to teachers and school personnel.

      “Some of us are even able to refrain from smoking weed because at least at one time you couldn’t get the higher level security clearance if you did.”
      I have no idea what this has to do with the price of aviary by-products in the Far East.



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