Claim: Connecticut’s new gun law will be ineffective.

In the video, Erich Pratt explains why Connecticut’s new gun law will be ineffective. He is wrong.

Why is he wrong? We know Gun Control is not about lowering the “gun violence” but control of people in general and law-abiding people specifically.  The law will work as it was intended from the beginning and that is to restrict firearm’s access to the People and the limitation of their Second Amendment Rights. Except maybe for a couple of truly vapor-brain legislators, those who supported the law know damn well it will not bring down crime or murders, just the opposite and that will give them an excuse to pass new and more restrictive laws so they can acquire more power and money at the cost of your life.

Power is intoxicating and we basically hire addicts to the positions of power. It is like assigning junkies to guard the DEA’s evidence warehouse.

(PS: And yes, I know Pratt is selling a point to the uninformed masses)

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