A good reminder of why rifle and magazines with many boolits.

People’s Republic of Venezuela this week. The government sent out police and military to keep things “quiet” after Sunday’s election. Now, please remember that Venezuela is a Gun Control Paradise and its people have no way to defend themselves unless they are from the special kind of citizens connected to the revolution…or criminals….or both are the same.
Yes, the video starts with cops shooting at unarmed people and then the whole shit goes down the hill in a hurry.
Am I the only one that thought: “instead of a video camera, a nice rifle with red dot and see how many headshots can I score?”

And one more….

The only thing the witnesses could do was scream. Absolute power……

2 Replies to “A good reminder of why rifle and magazines with many boolits.”

  1. I don’t know much about Venezuela except from what my friend who frequently visits the country tell me. I could say a lot but I think that this example puts thing on perspective. Brazil is pretty fucked up, corrupt as hell and circling the drain like those suicidal moths circle a candle, but at least our border police does not accept chocolate bars as bribe. So much for the neo-Bolivarian revolution and the socialist paradise Created, probably El Chavo would have made a better job.



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