Toddler dangerously handling a loaded pistol.

From Gaza.
Gaza Kid gun

This is an outrage. Only a certified moron would allow such a young kid do that for political purposes.

I am sure we will soon see Shannon Watts and her supporters flying over and having a march in front of the Palestinian Authority HQ while their kids pass lemonade and cookies to the locals.
Yeah, I don’t believe that is happening any time soon either.

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  1. I’m not feeling all your 3rd world comparisons to the U.S. Whether it’s Venezuela or the Middle East, I can’t stand to see this country, that is so superior to the people and the politicians who live in those cesspools, put on their level for whatever reason.

    We aren’t like them in any way. End of story.

    God bless America.


  2. That picture is exactly what the Screeching Mommies see in their minds eye when shown a picture of a suburban dad teaching his 10 year old how to shoot a Crickett.


  3. We finance this vicious barbarian culture by funding it through the UN. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has been supporting these “refugees” since the Arab armies invaded Israel in 1948.

    The same refugees that all the Arab Nations refuse to grant citizenship to. The same refugees that are penned up in ghettoes called refugee camps, which breed PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad (IJ) terrorists. The same refugees that tried to overthrow the government of Jordan in 1970 (that is where Black September Terrorists of the Munich Olympics came from). The Palestinian refugees are pawns in mid-east politics, and are fed hate from their day of birth.

    They are valuable to the Arab Governments, who use support of the “Palestinian Cause” to distract their subjects from the failings of their own nations.



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