Let me see if I get this straight….

Terrorists attack a synagogue in Israel and the government decides it is a good idea to ease gun control and allow citizens to defend themselves.

Putin’s Russia is so racked in crime that it now not only allows its citizens to carry guns, but accepts self-defense as a legitimate motive to be armed.

In the meantime, we still have mentally ill killers roaming around into the government-mandated hunting preserves for Human Predators called Gun Free Zones and shooting at innocents only to have “smart people” demanding more of the same useless solutions

How the f*** did we end up with the idiots on this side of the Atlantic?

2 Replies to “Let me see if I get this straight….”

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  2. I am exited on the change in Israel. One of the reasons I have not gone the dual citizenship/dual residency route and claimed my right of return is Israel’s gun laws. If they make it so that Jews claiming their dual citizenship who never served in the military can own guns, I’ll consider going there to do research. Hebrew University is one of the best biotech research institutes in the world.



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