If the the blog posts suddenly develop a much nicer quality….

It is because we have a contributing writer about to make his bones with us.

You will be reading good stuff under the J. Kb byline. I finally convinced J.  to get out of the comments and write somewhat seriously. I still believe he must get his own and I hope he will get it. In the meantime he can get his bearings with this blog and I use him a click bait. :D.

Now, be nice. to J.

OK, just be yourselves.

5 Replies to “If the the blog posts suddenly develop a much nicer quality….”

  1. “A much nicer quality”? How much nicer can the blog get?

    Seriously, even my grandmother says things that you pussyfoot around saying when discussing Shannon/CSGV/the Bradys/Everytown and Mike Bloomberg. And you post pictures of kittehs.

    Wishing J. all the best.

    stay safe.



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