One of those Miami Stories…..

Facebook friend shared this story last nite:

When I first moved to Miami , there was a great iguana story…some HS kid bought a big iguana from another student, it was big, nearly 6f long. After school they had it at his apartment playing with it and poking at it, and it bit off one kid’s index finger. Paramedics showed up and said the finger might be re-attachable if recovered. MPD showed up and half a magazine later (inside the apt!), managed to shoot the iguana. Fire rescue cut it open on the kitchen table, but did not find the finger, he’d spit it out, but it wasn’t found until hours later. Meanwhile mom shows up to a house full of cops, firemen, bullet holes, A kid without a finger, and iguana guts everywhere.

And this is what we down here call Tuesday.

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