Germany gets creative with refugee housing.

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The 22-year-old chef, who fled Afghanistan after the Taliban killed his father, immediately set about decorating it with an Afghan bedroll, a Persian rug and an Afghan flag. The low building that flanks his new home looked unremarkable to him. But to a German, the distinctive, elongated shape is rather unsettling, and for good reason. Ashkan’s new home is in a part of Dachau, a former concentration camp where the Nazis murdered 41,500 people, some in agonising medical experiments

Source: The refugees housed at Dachau: ‘Where else should I live?’ | World news | The Guardian


3 Replies to “Germany gets creative with refugee housing.”

  1. So what?
    We run out of space.

    We’re already using hotels, gyms, army and police barracks, churches, vacation rentals, schools, etc.
    Winter is coming and you wouldn’t want to live through the frost in a tent.

    Of course, we would have more space if our stupid government kept international laws but hey, here we are.


  2. This may be insensitive, but…

    Am I the only one picking up that a man named Ash Can (Ashkan) is living in a former German extermination camp?



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