Another bad idea of mine


In my area, most grocery stores have gas station near them or associated with them, e.g. Kroger, Wal-Mart, etc.

I want open gas stations near Whole Foods.  Call it “Complete Gas.”  Advertise my gas as gluten free and free range, pumped from only sustainable well heads.  I bet I could get $3.50 a gallon before anybody caught on.


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  1. ROTF… You owe me a keyboard for that one…

  2. And you could really draw a huge clientele by telling your customers that all the oil processed to make the gasoline came strictly from herbivore dinosaurs so you could attract the vegan crowd.

  3. Ha, joke’s on you! Your target market is California and our gas is already $3.50 a gallon!

  4. I bet you could get $3.50 a gallon indefinitely. The gluten-free crowd are pretty dumb. There are still lunchmeats at my primary grocery stores that are marked as “gluten free.”

  5. Make sure you point out that it’s 100% organic too.

  6. But is it kosher for Passover?

  7. Get ethanol-free gas and you could lock up the “RWNJ” demographic as well…..

    • Hey now, I resemble that remark. I only use gas that doesn’t have ethanol in it. Here in Iowa, that it one of the big things every one seems to talk about. If they did their research they wouldn’t use that shit to start a bonfire. All the ethanol every where and grow as much corn as you can has decimated the pheasant population because they have plowed under every square inch of ground they can get to and now there are no more fence row where they used to live and nest.

      Now. all of the political ads are telling people to ask the candidates where they stand on ethanol. People are so gullible.

  8. I suggested a way to screw with that crowd to my buddy. Put half and half in some really fancy jars, label it organic artisanal pig milk and see how many we could sell.

  9. Fossil fuels are by definition “paleo” 🙂

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