Oh yes! It is dirty.

cleaning gun sexy

The name of the artist is Amanda Rene Bussell.


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  1. This is a dead ringer for two characters from a Web comic series by J. Grant and Mel Hynes

  2. Rather ironically, if Shinga catches you posting her art here she’ll probably file a DMCA takedown. Short of gun rights(and I’m not convinced she supports those), she hates everything to do with right-wing politics.

    I am a fan of her webcomic, though.

  3. “Head Trip”. It’s a dead ringer because it’s the same artist. She even signed her latest ‘placeholder’ posting as ‘Shinga’. 😉

  4. Chas: I’m pretty sure the artist based it exactly on those characters. “Failure to Fire”, the comic was called. Pretty funny, too.

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