The last of the SHOT Show by Evil Tom.

Tom mentioned that security was higher during this SHOT that in previous occasions.

There were private armed security as well as Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies, in force. There were also a number of K9 teams, sometimes working in pairs.

Two British journalists from The Guardian (Pravda-on-the-Thames) were kicked out because they went off the rails. And with the intense and hateful speech coming out from groups like the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence, we need to make certain they don’t decide to do some dangerous stuff just because they can.

SHOT Security

Savage did come out with something I could (more or less) consider a Truck Gun:

Savage rifle shotgun 1 Savage rifle shotgun 2 Savage rifle shotgun 3

The Model 42, A break-down combo in .22LR on top and .410 down. Retails for $500.

So, apparently nothing really Earth-shattering a the SHOT show. You can tell because the “hot chick” was a snub-nose six shot revolver. Maybe next year we will see some innovative stuff.

I was going to make some misogynist comment about the 5.11 Yoga Pants, but I rather leave you guys with the mental picture of Weer wearing them.



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  1. Can I just pass on the mental image… 🙂

  2. I’d feel lots happier about things if the NSSF had announced that the Guardian employees were being tossed for being low-class jerks, and not for “not waiting for an escort”.

    Suggested line: “The invitation was for journalists, not propagandists…”

  3. The Savage 42 has been out for about three years now. The number is a play on the old Savage 24, which was a previous over/under series they produced for a few decades. I have a late ’50s 24B, which is .22 WMR over .410.

    Here are some other combos:


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