The Possum made it. 

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) — An opossum that was found with two crossbow arrows through its body in Riverside is recovering from the horrific ordeal following surgery.The injured animal was discovered near Hole and Jones avenues in the La Sierra neighborhood Friday morning

Source: Opossum recovering after being pierced with arrows in Riverside |


OK, I am going with either landmines or mortars…


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  1. Use a Claymore. “This Side Toward Opossum.”

  2. Somebody needs to step up to some G5 Gameheads on their arrows.

    Witness At 1:42 (Warning…GRAPHIC) :

  3. Two thoughts:

    1: Possums have a very short lifespan, about 2 years. They are also nuisance animals. Was this surgery worth it? It seem like a waste of money.

    2: Was this really animal cruelty? A shot to the heart/lung region and one to the head, both looked like they should have been fatal. Was this a case of a homeowner trying to dispatch a nuisance critter and it got away? I mean if they did to it was so many people around here do and trap and drown them, woukd it have been newsworthy?

  4. The possum is grateful to the taxpayers. Obamacare in action. Remember, there are thousands of possums out there without the benefit of health insurance.

  5. +1 what a waste of resources. They should have just quickly dispatched it when they found it!

  6. @Phssthpok:
    Does possum steak go well with tree-of-life?

  7. Feeeelingssss, nothing more than feeeelingsssss……

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