“Stop! Or I’ll say stop again!”

That’s 11 cops to stop one guy with a knife who had already wounded several people. Now imagine 4 or 5 guys with knives across the city at the same time…. You have a police force shut down for good because of cutlery.  An utterly waste of resources and taxpayer’s money.

This is the crap terrorist watch for. They can overwhelm the system on the cheap and go for juicy targets for a high number of kills.

Stick with the classics:

One Riot, One Ranger.

Hat Tip: Chuck B.

5 Replies to ““Stop! Or I’ll say stop again!””

  1. What the hell are they using?
    Blessed tapwater?
    I bet they are using CS because OC would be to “barbaric”.

    Hell, even in germany the cops would choose a more “ballistic” approach.


  2. I can totally picture ISIS guys back in whatever-shithole-they’re-in having a good laugh at this while munching popcorn.

    And I can’t really blame them.


  3. Well to be fair, most of the those officers seem to have their nightsticks out; there’s a reason maces and warhammers coexisted with the sword afterall. Of course, that assumes they’re actually trained and willing to use them…



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