Brady Campaign: Because women are stupid and belong in the morgue.

Brady Gunsplainer

And now, the word of the day:

noun id·i·ot \ˈi-dē-ət\

  1. usually offensive :  a person affected with extreme mental retardation

  2.  a foolish or stupid person

  3.  a Brady Campaign officer or member… but I repeat myself.

And another definition, a well-known classic:

gun control morally superior

Never forget that Gun Control groups cannot raise funds unless they can have a sizable number of bodies of the unarmed and the innocent.


Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.


  1. Apparently this is connected to a larger PR push by Everytown to latch onto feminism. They have a YouTube video and a Cosmo article attached to this campaign already. All aboard the SJW crazy train!

  2. They say they are concerned with saving human life,but in reality it is just the opposite more get killed because of their foolish ways then saved.Just look at their gun free zones more have been killed then ever before sense they started this.The more they disarm the more the victims pile up,one has to wonder if this isn’t their real plan.

  3. They need plenty of blood to dance in. Without it, the donations dry up even more than they have.

  4. Given the supposed definition of mainsplainer/mansplaining, wouldn’t they be the gunsplainers?

    They with virtually no knowledge of guns and gun laws, are explaining to us, who have fairly extensive knowledge of guns and gun laws.

  5. I’m actually fairly sure that being a domestic abuser is one of the exact things that disbars you from owning a gun. It’s on the form and everything…

  6. Reprehensible! Outrageous! Dancing in blood, yer damn right! To be charitable, I would say that they have a cognitive dissonance problem, compounded with confirmation bias. But, sometimes I wonder if it’s just a plot…

  7. I reject their made up word. Everyone knows that only Shakespeare got a pass for making up words when needed.

    Let’s analyze the first definition of having a gun as it would prevent a mugging. Well, du-oh, yes it would. Harsh words are rarely a recipe for success.

    For the second definition, it is not victim blaming to point out how be unprepared for a personal and possible disaster is unwise. Not having a fire extinguisher, not wearing seat belts, not getting certain vaccinations, not eating right and doing any exercise can have consequences.

    Victim blaming is when you excuse the behavior of the rapist because her dress was too short. Pointing out that getting drunk in the wrong side of town at 2 AM and dressed like a whore can expose you to risk is helpful advice. CCW holders carry because they want to protect innocent life, theirs, their loved ones, and maybe strangers depending on the event.

  8. Show where any of these bills,laws,and bans have ever stop a criminal.

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