A message to Moms Demand from Iñigo

Moms Demand Defend


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  1. “It knows no law”

    I think their Freudian slip is showing. Imagine the comments if gun rights groups used that line….

  2. I am starting to suspect a possible hint of ‘vigilantism’ amongst their group, they make a lot of noise in that direction and they have shown the mental and emotional instability that they may start doing it. We must be cautious.

  3. Love this! I am stealing it, I mean ‘borrowing it’. 🙂 Got a few friends this will drive nuts.

  4. Defend children by leaving them defenseless. Cognitive dissonance is a tenet of the Progressive Religion.

  5. +1 a huge number of the women getting their carry permits are mothers with young children.

    Cathy Jackson pointed out that many women can’t think of using lethal force even to save their own lives…but once they have kids that changes.

  6. Yep, they DON’T know what it means…

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