Today is a CSGV Holiday: Executive Order 9066, February 19, 1942.

instructions to all persons of japanese ancestry


Just a reminder, the Japanese did have their rights vindicated. It was during the Reagan Administration that it happened.

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  1. The US never committed genocide? Ask the American Indians about that. Like the blankets our “benevolent” government gave the Indians. The ones chock full of yellow fever. Can you say Wounded Knee? I knew you could.

    I think their intern or whoever is posting for them needs to read up on the Indian wars and early American history. Our forefathers did some rather nasty things.

  2. Smallpox not yellow fever and reading up on the trail of tears is a good thing.

  3. Their intern should and will read no such thing.

    He/she might learn something, and — if he/she has any scruples whatsoever — will then become useless to the cause.

  4. Robert beat me to it.

  5. Not to draw too fine a point, but smallpox blankets are not something that can be attributed to the US government, unless one is a devotee of Ward Churchill fabrications. There is apparently a record of a British fort giving out a couple a blankets in the mid 1750s when they were getting hammered in a nasty little war, but it’s not one of our sins.

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