Wishful Thinking

yellow gun safe

Gun guys will get one because it gives them an excuse to buy more guns.

“But honey! It looks so empty without more guns!”


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  1. Dunno anything about Superior Safe’s quality or fire rating, but I’d find a way to fit that monster into my garage…

    (Edit for typo. Fingers faster than brain.)

  2. What’s sad is that when I inherit Pop’s guns (which include Grandpa’s guns) I could nearly justify that size. Jackie is gonna kill me.

  3. It only has a 10 gauge steel body. For the $15 thar it costs, I’d build a vault with a Ft Knox door and concrete walls and slab roof.

  4. Does that safe have to be moved by rail? Lo quiero.

  5. Not sure if huge safe or tiny woman.

  6. Seen this at the NRA annual meeting and it’s a big safe.

  7. ‘Safe House’?

  8. It’s a good thing it’s big enough to sleep in. That’s where I would be sleeping if I brought that home/

  9. First thought….how to escape if the door gets closed behind you.

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