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Stolen from Bob Owens.

AK Mag Backwards

I simply do not have the words…


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  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot you make gun owners look stupid and then you erase all doubt that you are an idiot. Please do not reproduce

  2. HOW did he DO that?

    I know that there are Cleti out there that don’t know which end of a screwdriver to use, BUT…… Even money that he’s one of Shannon’s “gun-clueless interns” who is posing for a propaganda photo op.

  3. Maybe it’s now tacticool to insert the magazine the wrong way so when SHTF you can execute a tactical reload like a true operator?

  4. It’s not even a H&K.

  5. IF he is carrying it empty and IF the mag fits in that way without jamming or being forced, I can see why he did it this way. He’s going to be walking around in the hot sun all day with an empty gun, so why not reverse the mag so it doesn’t poke him in the shoulder constantly? After all, it’s just symbolic at this point. He’s carrying it to make a point, not because he expects to need it. (Because if you’re going to a protest/demonstration/photo shoot where you *expect* to need a rifle, you’re doing something wrong or you’re a police officer in full battle rattle.)

  6. Ozark mtn gun owner : February 25, 2016 at 10:16 am

    Is this idiot a plant for anti gun propaganda?

  7. HK-47

  8. Jay Hafemeister : February 25, 2016 at 11:44 am

    My understanding is that this is done intentionally as a visual indicator that the gun isn’t loaded.

  9. I don’t think that things are gonna work that way. You or I might look at the backwards magazine and understand that (if we were told ahead of time; otherwise we might just think he’s a butthead) but the average citizen or cop is just gonna go “Is there a magazine in the gun? Yep!” and reason from there. This looks like a solution that’s going to spawn more problems, and that’s the most favorable interpretation.

  10. You’re absolutely right. I wouldn’t call it a good idea.

  11. this new invention “google” is a wonderful thing 🙂 it’s supposed to be in Texas at that pro-gun performance of a mass-shooting incident.
    as jay said it’s supposed to indicate it’s not loaded.

  12. oh, and not really related but i just saw this

    it’s in croatian but you can see a little the HS VHS-2 rifle… and the direktor of HS produkt does say to the reporter not to put the finger on the trigger.

  13. Is it me or is the mag in wrong? or do I need a stronger drink?

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  15. So is this tool a Blomberg plant or simply an idiot?

  16. OK, I pulled out my trusty AKlon and tried to reproduce the configuration… It can’t be done normally.
    Here is the why:

    AK Mag lips are not square, they are tapered at the front. There is almost a a 0.5″ difference between the front and the rear. So unless you opened the receiver via dremel tool, I have no idea how the hell he managed to do that

  17. Has it occurred to anyone that this is a false flag operation to frighten the public to support more gun control. I’d say we are being scammed here.

  18. It looks like another liberal stupid prank to make a another stupid point of theirs that make no sense like normally.

  19. It’s a 308 version of an AK, that’s why he was able to derp the mag in backwards.

  20. Looks like a setup to me.

  21. Ah, look close. It’s photochopped.

  22. That was at an active shooter drill in austin, tx. The mag is backwards so we could tell its a drill, not a perfectly timed active shooter.

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