Florida Gun…

According to the NRA Blog:

Florida Gun

Really? The Judge? It could have been The Tracker or even the 24/7. Hell, Go Keltec Sub 2000! No, it had to be the Judge.

At least we ain’t Michigan as they got the daisy BB gun.


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  1. I’d post something there suggesting a KelTec 3AT (the prototype Ruger LCP) or something else, but I think that sort of article is just trolling. Click bait.

  2. Florida is also home to Knight Armaments so the MR110 SASS should be our state rifle.

  3. Of course those so and so’s in Utah get the 1911- and all of Browning’s cool guns!
    And speaking as a Florida native, shouldn’t the official State gun be a Mac 10? We need to protect our heritage!

  4. Canada doesn’t have an official gun, but we do have….
    The Maple Syrup Hand Grenade!!!


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