For F***’s sake, not this sh** again!

SADD (Same assholes, different day.) Because range safety is overrated..




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  1. Complacency can be dangerous. That instructor is a little too comfortable.

  2. Holy crap…and just for the sake of some pictures too.

    Also…why the heck is he racking the t-handle every time he changes a mag? What’s wrong with his rifle? Either it wasn’t empty and the bolt should have held open or else it was empty and you need to slap the bolt release rather than rely on the more fine-motor-control t-handle.

    • I think it’s an IDF technique, much like the Israeli Draw the idea is you’re always familiar with how your weapon works and will ALWAYS get a fresh round in the chamber if you do an extra rack.

      The IDF is an amazing fighting force, but boy some of the justifications for these oddities are stretches….but boy the Mall Ninjas love them!

  3. Teh stoopid… Somebody is going to die at that school…

  4. What’s up with the comments on this blog post? Did everyone lose their i’s?

    • That is totally weird…. In the control panel looks normal. I updated Jetpack and If I Remember Correctly, the comments are run by one of their widgets.
      I think there will be another update really soon. 😀

  5. Jesus on a pogo stick! Only one minute in and I was screaming at the video for the stupidity.

  6. What’s really hilarious is they’re engaging static targets with rifles at inside 10 feet with optics….and can you see how slow they’re shooting?

    OK I can see the poor bastards with the instructor next to their target taking a few extra seconds to line up and SQUEEEEEEZE…..but the guys on the other end of the line are just plugging away like this is 100 yards offhand.

    I assume, as much of an idiot he is, that the instructor confirmed that all students had a mastery of the basics of rifle work before he decided to go downrange on a hot range….

    Yet another class that only teaches the students that a fool and their money are soon to part.

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