Do you know when you go to the doctor…

…and bring home somebody else’s crud? Guess who went to the doc’s and brought something with him? I am “enjoying” it so hard, I am actually falling asleep at the keyboard. So, since brain is not capable of coherent and structured thought, here is a meme.

old killer



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  1. “College kids just showed up and started killin’ themselves all over the place!”

  2. Yeah, the “protagonist” in horror movies usually deserve what they get. The marines in aliens? Of course they got cut down, they could not even handle simple basics like how to pie a corner, let alone anything that would resemble tactics. The various plots in slasher movies? One guy with a CHL, his carry piece and 10 minutes worth of training and the movie is over in the first act. Most of the “good guys” in those films run around actively making the situation worse. So yeah, no sympathy from me when they bite it. All I want to give them is a Darwin Award.

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