Not gonna waste time today with a post.

Too many people butthurt, moaning and bitching and others dancing like monkeys on a string. That has made me realize that we have lost the way and forgot we are the ones who, at the end, have the final word, not those we chose to govern.

I guess that makes me an insurrectionist after all.

Insurrectionist Patch


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  1. Barry Friendly : May 4, 2016 at 11:05 am

    If I may ask, where can I pick up one of those patches? That’s not bad at all.

  2. I really enjoyed growing up in America. When you think about it, 230 years is a good long run. It’s sad to see it end this way. God bless America, may she rest in peace.

    • “Like omigawd Buffy, that guy that I don’t like won the primary! America is OVER!”

    • Never give up. Never surrender. When the time comes I won’t.

      • We may survive, and we may yet bring liberty with us, but that does not mean America will make it.

        • Y’all sound like Rachel Maddow. Or maybe Wil Wheaton after the 2004 elections. No, in case you need help figuring that out, that’s not a compliment. Primary’s over, for all intents and purposes election’s over, you can stop the overheated overwrought demonization of the Guy You Didn’t Like In The Primaries now and get on with your lives.

          There’s a set of Big Boy pants in the other room… try ’em on, see how they fit.

          • Cool your jets, this is not about any one election,or who is in it. This is about the long slow decline that we have been suffering for a long while. History is replete with examples; you do not get from here back to true liberty without revolution. You want all the stupid and controlling laws gone? You need to oust the current ruling class. No amount of of culture shift will do it if we leave the current hacks in office. The only questions at this point is when will the revolution come, will it be peaceful or violent, and who wins. But the country that comes out the other side will not be the same one we know today. Indeed, if we want true liberty to flourish it cannot be.

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