This is downright mean.

blanks joke

Special hell for that one.

Hat tip to Robert The K. and Mark T.


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  1. I know this is just a funny pic, but technically a blank won’t cycle most platforms. That’s why they have blank adaptors. 🙂

  2. Oh… Pissed will NOT begin to describe it! 😀

  3. You’d think she’d figure it out from the fact that she either is having to manually charge every shot, or the fact that there’s a big BFA on the muzzle that’s allowing enough pressure for it to cycle (because one of the two would be going on).

    I know it’s all just funny stuff…but it not making sense kinda ruins a lot of the funny 🙁

  4. “Special hell for that one.” And is only a short step above the lower level of hell which is reserved for the turds that enjoy giving their girlfriends/wives/sisters/friends a heavy recoiling weapon just to watch them fail.

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