Moms Demand annual ” I have a Bridge To Sell You” march.

The thick crowd, including actresses/moms Julianne Moore and Melissa Joan Hart, marched across the bridge into lower Manhattan behind a “MOMS DEMAND ACTION” banner.

Source: Moms march across Brooklyn Bridge to seek gun control – NY Daily News

The Thick Crowd? These are pictures from the Moms Demand own Facebook Page. As usual, they do their camera angle thing, but they posted one too many photos.

Looks packed…

Moms Demand Bridge 1


Then again, maybe not so packed…

Moms Demand Bridge 2


But they had celebrities! Like Julianne “Desperately Seeking Relevance” Moore!

Moms Demand Bridge 3


My guess is that after spending all that money hiring companies to do their astroturf, they did not have much left to bus the paid volunteers in Craigslist.


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  1. Not even popular in NYC. Pathetic nonsense, propped up by Bloombucks & a complicit media.

    Bah upon them, and their disarmist cause.

  2. They had cops present too… once again providing armed security.

    • Those cops should be identified & publicly shamed

      • Why? They are doing their jobs.

        • Because supporting MDA is not OK, that’s why.
          Perhaps their supervisors/schedulers are a more appropriate place to direct scorn towards, but SOMEONE in NYPD is prioritizing the disarmist March over actual crime fighting. Unacceptable.

          A counter question: will MDA dance in the blood of crimes committed during their march elsewhere?

        • Perhaps their supervisors/management/schedulers would be a better place to direct the discouragement.

          But why should MDA get coverage? NYC has the laws they seek.

          • The police are not (nor should they be) in the business of picking & choosing which legal rally they provide security for. In liberal areas such as NYC, the political structure would be more likely to deny coverage for libertarian or conservative rallies anyhow.

  3. Well, there go another couple celebrities to put in the “dislike” pile. :\

  4. Joe Miller (@joethefatman1) : May 9, 2016 at 11:25 am

    The thick crowd was in reference to the skulls of the crowd.

  5. Braden Lynch : May 9, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    Every single one of them would change their tune if confronted by a murderous rapist. They would all be in favor for using a firearm to save their useless skin. The hypocrisy and stupidity on display makes my head hurt.

  6. A city of millions of people (and supported by millions of Bloomberg’s dollars) and the best they can get is about 200 people.

    That’s just sad.

  7. Joe beat me to it, and I’m hearing the count was <200…

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