It has to be a cute little universe inside their minds

They don’t read history or follow SCOTUS much, right?
CSGV Personal Right
And because they make sh** as they go…
CSGV Open Carry Teaches

And this is from the HufPo’s’s article : The Easiest States To Buy A Gun.

Huffpo politcs florida gun registration

I guess I shall expect an arrest warrant since my only solitary gun (the rest were lost in a tragic boating accident) is not registered. Oh My!

Newsflash HuffPo: Florida not only does not have registration, it is against the law!




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  1. The huffpo numbers were based on NFA registration…which is doubly hilarious. Not only because they were freaking out about that low number, but because they missed the chance to freak out even more if they had done their homework and realized what that number actually meant.

  2. Unfortunately, the open carry idiots toting their MBR’s down the street to “exercise their rights” are not helping our cause. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  3. I am sorry for your loss (the boating accident). That’s tragic. Now, on the HuffPost, I saw and read that article. I couldn’t tell how they came up with the list. It does not correlate at all to how easy it is to buy a gun. I was terribly confused when they started the list before explaining exactly how they made it. I figured maybe I had skipped the part about purchasing guns and other factors. I just mean that they did not even fully research this before posting. It’s like they didn’t have much to talk about, so they just made a list based off of who knows what.

  4. They made it sound like anyone could drive in from another state and buy guns from a dealer – certainly not true! Also gives the impression a buyer doesn’t need solid identification – also not true, except personal sales. Even then, the seller is supposed to check I.D.

    • I love the comments on the Huffpo article, pointing out that if the crime problem in Maryland is caused by guns bought in Vermont, why does Vermont not have the same crime problem that Maryland has?

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