Clues were aplenty… if you knew what to look for.

The “Educational Beatdown” is the first thing I thought about when my friend Tim posted this video to his Facebook page.  It is footage of a reporter interviewing some folks in New Orleans about drugs, gangs, and violence.  During the interview, a man arrived and started making disparaging comments.  It seems he didn’t appreciate how the publicity generated by the interview might negatively affect his neighborhood. His comments were out of line.  In that community, those comments were cause for an “educational beatdown.”  Such a beatdown commenced while the cameras were rolling

Source: The “Educational Beatdown” | Active Response Training

You need to go read the post and watch the article. Rory Miller is mentioned and I am going to go ahead and once again plug his book “Facing Violence: Preparing for the Unexpected.” If you are not used to being around violent people, you need (yes, need) to absorb this book. It will save your life or a hefty stay at a hospital. Being able to discern cues of impending danger is a must: Remember, Avoidance Saves Lives…mostly yours.




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