Tool Box Arsenal. It had to be England.

tool box arsenal

A haul of weapons and more than £30,000 in cash were seized by police in a major drugs bust this morning.Seven men and two women, aged from 18 to 56, were arrested in a series of dawn raids targeting drug dealing in the Thamesmead area.Weapons including knives, a screwdriver and a large hammer were discovered, alongside a kilo of Class A drugs and two carrier bags of cannabis.

Source: Police seize weapons and £30,000 in cash during major drugs sting | Crime | News | London Evening Standard

They have gone from Rule Britannia to Quivering Limey Bitches. What else can you say when the contents of the average kitchen drawer are now considered an arsenal?

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  1. No! Not the tweezers! Oh the humanity!

    And is that one on the left a broken knife?

    • sigraybeard : May 27, 2016 at 11:50 am

      I think that’s a sawed off knife! You know – the knife equivalent of a sawed off shotgun. Making them shorter makes them more deadly. When the blade (or barrel) is completely gone, they’re at their most dangerous.

  2. Is that a fucking butter knife? WTF is wrong with those wussies?

  3. Western French serfistan is not to be taken seriously. This is one of many reasons why.

  4. They would freak if they saw my utility drawer.

    I am surprised they missed the assault corkscrew.

  5. …this looks like a tame version of the junk drawer in my kitchen.

    They don’t want to see my knife drawer…

  6. That’s a large hammer? Also, how do we know these items were being uses as weapons, and are not just the average contents of a kitchen? Also also, these people would freak out about stuff I use just for decoration around my home, let alone any of my actually useful tools (up to and including the ones there for home/personal defense).

  7. Once knives are outlawed they’ll be coming for your pointy sticks.

  8. […] The Onion couldn’t have come up with a better parody of the ridiculousness of British attitude…. […]

  9. “Large hammer”?

    That’s not a large hammer.

    A framing hammer is (arguably) a large hammer.

    Any number of drilling hammers, engineer’s hammers, or blacksmith’s hammers are large hammers.

    That’s a middling cross-pein, with a pretty light head.

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