Epix removes Katie Kouric’s false documentary (UPDATE)

Via John Lott and Bob Owens:

Epix Under the gun Kouric


UPDATE: Epix said it did not pull the Fake Documentary but :

“As of today, the doc moves out of the premium window – off of EPIX – and into a transactional and [electronic sell-through] window. This is part of the original agreement struck when we acquired the doc,”

Sort of sending the pregnant unmarried child to live with the far-away relatives. Does anybody else detect high concentration of Bovine Manure? You cannot link from that page straight to the PPV? And the choice of wording?

Sound like somebody got countermanded by the Legal Department.


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  1. Most probably… And apparently Couric is trying her damnest to ‘spin’ her way out of it…

  2. Sounds like Epix is full of Katie Courics.

  3. I wondered how long that anti-gun hit piece was going to last. The wife recorded it fore me on the DVR, I told her it was a waste of time. When this whole thing exploded the other day, I just grinned.

  4. New info: “Under the Gun,” Katie Couric and Stephanie Soechtig and crew apparently broke multiple Fed gun laws:


    Worth an additional article on your page, I think.

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