Not a bug but a feature: Defending the indefensible.

Justice in Latin America and other “advanced” countries like England.
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  1. I’ve met people who don’t understand what this comic is saying.

    • They don’t understand the point of the piece? Can these people tie their own shoes?
      Seriously, I am having a lot of trouble coming to grips with how much our modern society is divorced from reality and critical thinking.

  2. It’s the same in germany.
    On guy gets beaten by multiple attackers, another one steps in to help, one of the attackers gets his jaw broken – and the helper gets sued while the attackers walk free.

    And the funny thing is: according to german law self defense is free of any restraints. Someone is stealing your cherrys? – Not a problem, blast him from the tree with a shotgun and you will walk as a free man (this actually happened in 1920).

    It’s the way the law is “interpreted” by judges and lawyers that causes problems and benefits criminals.

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