So much wrong here


Staten Island in New York is going forward to spend $2 Million on vasectomies for deer to try and reign in their out of control population.

Anybody want to guess just how well a catch, snip, and release program will be?  I’m pretty sure the correct answer will be “not at all.”

And they are going to spend $2 Million to do it.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and other city officials have agreed that this is the fastest and most humane way to limit further growth of the Island’s potentially dangerous white-tailed population.

Well, it’s also the dumbest.

I have an idea for you.  Most NYC parks are open 6:00 am to 1:00 am.  How about auctioning off deer tags, good for use in Staten Island parks from 3:00 – 5:00 am, bow hunting only.  You can even limit the bow draw weight to 50 lbs or so to limit the effective range of the arrows to about 50 yards.  I bet NYC could easily take in $2 Million in tag fees on this.  The meat could even be donated to local homeless shelters.

But I have a feeling that would just be too effective.  Better to waste money on a worthless program in de Blasio’s city.



  1. Thanks for the laugh funniest thing I’ve read in a while

  2. Actually, the birth-control option is counterintuitive but works. In similar issues with feral cats, if you just ‘thin the herd’ (i.e. reduce the population) what happens is the breeding rate goes up to compensate for the suddenly increased access to resources and room, and the now-empty territory gets colonized by critters from neighboring territories. If the breeding cycle is interrupted, the critters can reach a manageable level and stay there, keeping outsiders at bay but not overpopulating their territory. If you do your calculations right you can have a stable community that can self-replace for losses due to age/illness/statistical chance
    Besides, these are NYC deer… I don’t think a bow and arrow is heavy enough to work on a critter that can thrive in Downtown New Jack City.

  3. It’s not that liberals think their ineffective policies are effective, nor that they refuse to believe that the policies are ineffective.

    It’s that liberals’ ineffective policies are 100% effective at the actual goal. Which is not the stated goal.

  4. They need to spay the females. All it takes is one male…

  5. The Twin Cities had a similar problem a few years ago. Some local Froot-Loop suggested re-introducing wolves into the city. That would go over real well until Fluffy became what for dinner.

    • It would be a great way to take care of the drunk passed out in the alleyway. /sarc

      Little Red Riding Hood would become meaningful again.

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