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  1. texasredneck : June 11, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Hah! Funny you should post that. I had a punk kid come flying through my neighborhood last night. I yelled at him to slow that thing down. And his response was a hearty F$)@* You old man. Now i’m fifty something years old, and have two teenagers myself. However, we also have several families in the neighborhood with young preschool and 1st graders. I was in the process of walking my dog when i spotted the kid’s truck at my favorite neighbors house. And since that neighbor was in the driveway, it made it easier to stroll over and have a chat. Long story short – young punk was visiting my neighbors oldest – who just happened to graduate this year. Needless to say the kid never expected to be confronted by angry old guy willing to stomp a mississippi mudhole in his A$$. And not worry about the boys daddy. And i swear my neighbor is still laughing about the look on the kids face when he was confronted.
    So life lesson here – we don’t want drama – and we will end the confrontation by inflicting as much pain as possible. Oh and if you do get the better of me – just remember, there’s three more out there just like me. Except their arrest records are much worse. 🙂

  2. I hit the point of “will not fight fair” and “no weapon he won’t use” by age 25. Honorable fights are for chumps. Nobody ever wins by fighting fair.

    I try to avoid fights, even playful ones. I get too invested, and if punches actually start getting thrown at people, someone’s going to get hurt. Obviously this is something I don’t want when the other person’s an old friend and/or way better at fighting than I am.

  3. Agree with CWG, and I will use ANYTHING to end any fight I’m in.

  4. dittybopper : June 11, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    Never try to scare an armed man. Success will get you a tombstone.

  5. Further confirmation I’m old before my time.

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