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  1. That could be a whole new sub-genre of pornography. “Watch this AK-47 get it on with the neighbor’s AR-15, with a cameo from the legendary Mosin-Nagant. Bring plenty of Hoppe’s because things are going to get hot, hot, hot!”

  2. I’m assuming this is in reference to the fellow named after the founder of the Religion of Pieces who shot two people in Ohio with an AK variant? If so, then A) Since fewer than four people were shot (or killed, I didn’t hear about the victims dying, and I would think the media and other antis would trumpet that if they had), how is this a “mass shooting”? And B) If it was a true AK 47 as I saw reported, then gun control already failed, since legal ones are fully automatic and thus highly regulated and quite expensive (out of the price range of the 19 or 20 something the shooter was reported to be).

    • Just looked it up to refresh my memory. Shooter is 19. Rifle indeed reported as an “AK 47.” Two people shot, one in the hand. The deputy was shot in the “lower abdomen,” but is not only alive but already released from the hospital. Not a mass shooting by any standard, and one that (if media reports on the rifle are true, which is doubtful) shows not only the failure of modern gun restrictions, but a failure of a law dating back to the 1930s. Oh, and the whole “religion of peace” deal as well, plus the shooter fleeing when a good guy (gal in this case) with a gun showed up to return fire.

      Are they SURE they want to hang their hat on this one?

    • crawford421 : June 12, 2016 at 3:52 pm

      No, it’s about the follower of the Religion of Peace who killed 50 people in a Florida gay bar.

      I think the biggest problem is Florida bans concealed carry in bars even for people not drinking.

  3. I believe this is in reference to the murder of 50-odd gays and lesbians by…umm, got to be a fundamentalist teabagging Trumpkin. Or something like that.

    • ISIS has claimed the incident, so it was a hardcore fundamentalist muslim. Meaning he’s even more of a protected person in Democrat playbooks than the 50 people he killed.

  4. In the spirit of the response to September 11th by our leftward leaning brethren…
    ..At this time, I just hope the gay community will take a deep breath and ask themselves: What did they do to offend this young man?

    (and speaking of which: how goes the war on Christian bakers and wedding photographers? Still continuing apace? )

  5. THe dead at Wounded Knee have no comment…

  6. In reference to my earlier comments, I hadn’t yet checked the news and seen there was indeed a mass shooting in Florida. My other points still stand though, and I add that the murderer was not only a radical Muslim, but also had a (faulty) explosive suicide vest from reports. Last I checked, those types of things were not only regulated, but outright illegal… And he was only stopped because of a good guy with a gun.

    Still doesn’t make the antis’ point any better than the other one.

  7. Andrew Benghazi : June 12, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    But, it was a “GUN FREE” zone!!!

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