“Our future killers have rights too! And you are a racist!”


lgbt against islamophobia

I am too upset to be coherent… More tomorrow.


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  1. If this is the stance they’re going to take, then they deserve whatever the Muslim community gives them.

    Good or bad.

  2. texasredneck : June 12, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Yup – right up until the new Centurians throw them off of a building in the name A….. damned if i’ll say his name.

  3. There’s not much diversity in that photo.

  4. The moniker “useful idiots” is appropriate for these folks.

  5. In light of this mornings festivities, I wonder if any of them have had a change of heart?

  6. The liberals have painted themselves into a corner, hatred of Christians and support of any thing Islamic. All of that while getting the majority of the LGB community to use as a club to claim racism and beat their opponents over the head. Now they have one part of their party of fools that wants to throw the other part off of a ten story rooftop. It shall be very difficult to keep a political party coalition together when they are murdering each other. Maybe the LGB’s will at least realize that the Democratic Party fooled them into supporting a gang that thinks they are infidels that should be dead.

  7. On a happy note, Facebook is reporting that Pink Pistols is trending.
    Hopefully this will cause a few in LGBT community to “see the light” regarding armed self defense.

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